BARS Club Classes and Builds starting in January!

1. Soldering Class for Beginners or Refreshing

Single 3+ hour class with "Lab projects".
Final Project is the build of a simple Ultra bright LED flasher for a faux security system or just a cute toy.
Flashes for 4 to 9 months on a single battery. All supplies and components supplied. $12.85
Schedule information coming soon.

Above components supplied with Solder Lessons
PCB is a high quality plated through hole 2 layer. (not actual size in picture.)

2. RF Signal Field Strength Arduino Digital Meter

Three 3+ hour sessions Class and Build.
Basic Arduino Programming Environment taught.
Modifiable program with personalized menus, etc.
RF Detector Circuit taught.
PCB assembly.
Telescopic Antenna
Takes multiple measurements and stores for later display.
Great for making a simple propagation map of your antenna.
Arduino and ALL components supplied. $38 (See below)

Schedule information coming soon. (Saturday mornings/afternoons probable)


Let us know your interest and potential for attending any of the above.  (Or anything you want to add.)
EMAIL to :

Active Attenuator

Other Club Member projects

AI4SR built PC Board and components installed in
the active attenuator.
( Shown below in the Tape Measure Antenna Handle.)

Schematic, PC Board, and instructions available
from me. Catch me at a club meeting.

Active variable attenuator complete. (~ 0 to - 90 dbm.)
Great for Fox Hunting with the Tape Measure Antenna.