Check out our new CWT 5000 Balancer.

We used to farm out all our balancing, but it was costing us (and you) more. When we decided to purchase our own, we wanted the best, and we wanted to be able to do all components on all the engines we build from the 1192cc FV engines to the big blocks.  After visiting the CWT booth (and all the others) every year at the PRI show we made our decision to go with the CWT-5000. All engines that leave our shop will now be insured of full 3 axis balancing well within racing specs.

Balancing pricing.

VW or any opposing 4 Cylinder Crank Crank Only $75
VW or any opposing 4 Cylinder Crank Crank, Flywheel, Clutch and Pulley.
Crank is balanced alone. Then components are added and individually balanced. Clutch cover plate is pinned to the flywheel for reference. This is mandatory for VW clutches. 
V8 Cranks Externally or Internally. Call $
FV Rods Lightened and Balanced end to end. Please call to discuss. Some Rods are too heavy to safely get to minimum weight. Thus, ARP Rod bolts must be used to drop another 10gr. $75 +