RaceCarSupply is an authorized factory trained dealer of the Hans Device.

We carry most units in stock.

This Hans device is the future. If you don't have one now, you should want one and you can assume that future rules will require them in most sanctioning bodies.

We carry the units in several sizes and styles. We are factory trained fitters and installers.  Most purchasers install their Hans anchors themselves. The Hans device comes with all instructions and needed tools except for drill and bit (1/4"). However, we will be happy to install them for you for $20 if you send us your helmet. Includes free shipping back to you with your Hans (US 48 Only)

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Model 10 - Some Sprint car racers and slender drivers. Some drivers under 100 lbs.
Model 20 - Most racers in most all stock cars.
Model 30 - Larger racers in most cars or most all racers in formula cars. (FV / FST / FF / FC, etc.)

NEW!  The HANS adjustable. Adjusts from 5 to 40 degrees.  

If you want to use a fixed angle Hans Device in multiple different cars, Order the larger angle that is needed (or the HANS adjustable).  You can then install padding under the wings and use it in the next lower application.  (eg. You can get a 30 deg unit and use it as is in a Formula Car and put 1/2" padding under the wings and use it on a stock type car. )  Call if you have any questions.

Call us for pricing and quick availability. We will make sure you get the best model for your application. 



See Video comparison here (3.4Meg)

Without a Hans Device.                                                                                           With Hans Device