Formula Vee Parts and Tools

Engine and Clutch Parts
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Reference Drawings Here - REF1, REF2, REF6, REF8 and REF9


RCS Part #




NEW FV MANIFOLDS We now carry the newest technology manifolds. For info and dyno comparisons see here. Call Call
SuperTrapp Muffler SUP-344-2005 Waterford racers or just having problems making sound limits?
Sparkplug NGK-BP7HS NGK-BP7HS A better plug with full copper core. (replacement for Bosch ) $2.55
Points, Ignition for 009 BSH-01-011 Standard VW Black Wire $3.25
Points, Ignition, for 009 BSH-01-030 Black/White Wire  "Tiger Tail" (Slightly higher spring tension) $9.99
Pertronix Igniter PRT-1847A Drop in Electronic Ignition (Now Legal in FV)
More info here.
Pertronix Ignitor II PRT-91847A Same as the above with an internal dwell extender. (A bit more spark at high RPM. $99.99
Condenser, for 009 BSH-02-086 Condenser $7.19
Distributor, Kuhltec 009 BSH-0231-178-009C Black Wire Points, included.  (These are Chinese knock-offs. They look the same (actually better) Buy 2 if you want a spare. $39.95
Dist Clamp, Billet LAT-905002 Nice Piece. Easier to adjust timing and won't slip. $14.95
Bosch Blue Coil BSH-00-012 Keep a spare. $42.95
Compufire Coil AC905525 Chrome with higher Open Spark Voltage than the Bosch $34.95
Wires Sparkplug (Stock VW) 111-998-031 With seals.  Used mostly on Vintage $8.95
Wires, Sparkplug TAY-2099 Taylor, Straight Plug Connectors (with seals) $22.95
Rotor, 009 BSH-04-033   $7.50
Cap, Distributor, 009 BSH-03-010   $7.59
ARP Rod Bolt Set ARP-104-6005 FV Rod Bolt Set. Don't take a chance with the old OEM. $56.99
Starter Motor (Stock) BSH-SR11 6 Volt Gear Starter Motor (Rebuilt) (~13 LBS) $115.50
Hi Torque Starter HIT-105 Excellent! Forget the old bell housing bushing problems. Lighter and smaller. Now legal SCCA (~9 LBS) $179
Pulley, Aluminum Power Pulley AC105273B 5" diameter $23.90
Pulley, Aluminum with Sand seal kit. AC105282B A rear low friction seal for the front of the case with 5" "Power Pulley". No machine work required. Stop all that oil up front. $39.95
Pulley, Aluminum with Sand seal kit. AC105283B A rear low friction seal for the front of the case. with standard 6" pulley. No machine work required. Stop all that oil up front. $44.95
Chrome Pulley Bolt. (Long) AC105284B 1/2" Longer Chrome Pulley Bolt. May be required for above Sand Seal Kits. $5.50
Pulley, Stock VW 113-105-251G   $22.50
Pulley, Aluminum, Cut to small diameter   This is an aluminum pulley, lathe turned to a diameter of ~ 2.6". For serious low inertia motors. Call  
Type 1 Oil Cooler 111-117-021E (REF8-13) Stock VW 1200 Oil Cooler $69.95
Oil Cooler 5 Plate 113-117-021 5 Row VW Oil Cooler (New) $79.95
Oil Cooler 7 Plate 021-117-021R 7 Row VW Oil Cooler (New) $75.95
Crank Seal 113-105-245S Silicone Crankshaft Seal $2.95
Gasket Kit  w/crank seal. 111-198-007 Includes above crank seal, exh. gaskets, valve, cover gaskets, push rod tube seals, fuel pump gaskets, etc. $15.95
Exhaust Gaskets 111-251-261B   $0.36
Exhaust Nuts LAT-000803 Copper Exhaust Nuts. 12mm head for header clearance $0.30
Pushrod tubes (1200) 113-109-335 (REF2-8) $2.90
Pushrod Tube Seal 113-109-345 (REF2-9) $.35
Replaceable Push Rod Tube SCA-20175 Quick at track replacement for bad tube. No need to remove head. Good spare item. $5.99
Oil Dip Stick 113-115-611 (REF8-11) $3.00
Oil Drain Plug 113-195-193 (REF8-4)  (Another needed Spare) $1.29
Oil Drain Plug Seal N-13-815-2 (REF8-3) Another spare $.30
Oil Change Kit 113-198-031 (REF8-5) Gaskets, Plug Seal, and Copper Washers $.79
Oil Block-Off Plate CBP-1733 For full flow oil systems with external cooler/filter. $10.95
Cam Plug (Plastic, Later Models) 040-101-157 (REF1-2) $1.95
Gland Nut and Washer (HD) AC105295B Chromoly Gland Nut and washer $19.95
Cam Plug (Steel)   (REF1-2)    
Centering O-Rings N-903-535-01 For centering 1200 Cylinders in the Universal VW Case $4.20
Valve Cover 113-101-475B Stock VW Cover (REF1-5) $7.50
Valve Cover Bale 113-101-487 For Stock VW (REF1-6) $3.25
Valve Cover Gasket 113-101-481 Cork composition. (Preferred) $ .60
Valve Cover Set, Aluminum Bolt On AC101460 Covers and all hardware. (REF1-2) $29.95
Chromoly Head Stud Kit   (REF1-7)    
Cam Gear   (REF2-2) $23.99
Stock VW Lifter (Each) 113-109-309C Aprox 95+ grams (REF2-3) $45
Light Lifter Set of 8 (Scat) SCA-20029L 75 Grams (REF2-3) $59
Light Lifter Set of 8 (Scat) SCA-20018L ~90 Grams (REF2-3) $76.50
Rocker Shaft Retainer Clip 113-109-439 (REF2-4) $.98
Rocker Shaft Shim   (REF2-5)    
Rocker Shaft Shim   (REF2-5)    
Rocker Shaft Pedestal 113-109-427 (REF2-7) $3.50
Push Rod 301-109-301 This will need to be cut to length for proper valve geometry. They are stock 1600 length.  (REF2-10) $2.95
Rocker Adjuster Nut N-11-152-1 (REF2-11) $.20
Rocker Adjuster Screw 043-109-451 (REF2-12) $2.10
Rocker Adjuster Screw (Germ) 043-109-451G Harder for higher lift cams and FST $2.55
Rocker Arm Shaft 113-109-407 (REF2-13) $3.50
Aftermarket Rocker Shaft Asm. AC109460B Legal, Replaces the stock shafts, shims and clips with billet spacers. $32.95
Valve Keepers (set of 2) 113-109-651 (REF2-14) $.35
VW Valve Spring Retainer   (REF2-15)    
Chromoly Valve Spring Retainer AC109463B Much stronger than stock. (REF2-15) $3.99
Titanium Retainer DEE-4052 Overkill? Almost half the weight of a Chromoly $15.29
HD Valve Spring VALVE SPRING FV Needed to prevent float above 5000 RPM. About 85lbs with no shims.  (REF2-16) $3.85
Rocker Arm (2 Bar) Legal 113-109-443 Stock rocker arm (REF2-17) $6.00
Clutch Disc 111-141-031E (REF7-1) A required spare. $27.95
Clutch Housing 211-141-025D (REF7-2) (Note: this photo shows the fingered clutch. The newer diaphragm clutch will be shipped. $44.95
Clutch Release Bearing 111-141-165 (REF7-3) A required spare. $33.90
Clutch Operating Arm 111-141-719 (REF9-1) $9.95
Release Arm Cup / Dust Shield LAT-3020105 (REF9-4) Stainless Steel  ! $2.00
Clutch Cross Shaft 113-141-701C (REF9-3) $9.95
Clutch Cross Shaft Kit 113-198-026 Bushings and clips. $5.35
Shaft Snap Ring 111-141-731 (REF9-5) Cir-Clip $ .45
Getting Started in FV Book BKS-FV See many other Performance Related books here $12.50

Engine Internal Bearings
(If you don't see it, Call, we have it.)


RCS Part #




Main Bearing Set (std)   Call for pricing. Multiple brands Mahle, Kolbenschmidt, Clevite in stock. Not all available at all times    
Main Bearing Set (.10/.025)   " "    
Main Bearing Set (.20/.050)   " "    
Main Bearing Set (.30/.075)   " "    
Rod Bearing Set (.40/1.00)   " "    
Rod Bearing Set (.10/.025)   " "    
Rod Bearing Set (.20/.050)   " "    
Rod Bearing Set (.30/.075)   " "    
Rod Bearing Set (.40/1.00)   " "    
Cam Bearing Set   " "    
Cam Bearing Set (full flange)   " "    


Induction / Carburetor Parts

Reference Drawing Here - REF10

Carb Rebuild Kit (28PCI) SOL-15-15KT Gaskets, Idle Air Screw, Float Cut off valve and instructions.(REF10) (Parts with Red * are included in this package.)


Float (Plastic) (w / lever attached) 111-129-391 Stock VW Plastic Float (REF10-6)


Float (Plastic) Modified for racing. SRA-129-391 Arm removed. Counterweighted upside down  to 8 grams. Call for advice if needed. (REF10-6)


Emulsion Tube    (REF10-2) $9
Emulsion Tube Holder SOL-ETH  (REF10-3) $45
A/C Jet SOL-XXXA Specify size in your order comments. (IE. SOL-200A, SOL-210A, etc)  (REF10-1) $3.95
Main Jet SOL-XXXM Specify size in your order comments. (IE. SOL-180M, SOL-190M, etc) (REF10-9) $3.95
Other 28PCI Carb Parts.   Call, we have them all.(REF10)    
Intake Manifolds   Call for Application. (We have some of the "biggest" legal flowing manifolds available!) $Call
K&N Air Filter RU-500 2 1/16" throat, 3 1/2" Diameter,  4" High $29.29
K&N Air Filter RU-510 2 1/16" throat, 3 1/2" Diameter,  5" High $30.99
K&N Air Filter RU-520 2 1/16" throat, 3 1/2" Diameter, 6" High $31.99
K&N Air Filter RU-570 2 1/16" throat, 5 1/2" Diameter, 2" High Low Profile $31.99
K&N Air Filter RA-0560 2 1/16" throat, 5 1/2" Diameter, 3" High $40.99
K&N Air Filter RA-0530 2 1/16" throat, 4 1/2" Diameter, 4" High $40.99
K&N Air Filter RC-1200 Cone Shaped 2 1/16 throat,  Base Diameter 3.5 4" High $36.58
K&N Recharger Kit KN-99-5000 Filter Cleaner Spray with  Oil Spray. Works GREAT! $12.99
K&N Filter Cleaner KN-99-0606 Filter Cleaner Spray alone, if you don't use the oil. $7.85


Front Beam / Wheel /Suspension Components

Reference Drawings Here - REF4 and REF4a

Link Pin Beam  (Bare, No Springs, Turkey Legs, etc.)   Axle beam. (Will ship UPS) (Check on availability.) (Needle bearing vs. Non.) New In Stock CALL
Ride Height Adjuster LAT-40110 For Adjustable Link Pin Beam height adjustments. Must be welded in. $12.95
Link Pin Shims 111-405-527 Link Pin Shim. (REF4-12) (each) $.65
Link Pin Set 111-498-051 Link Pin Set (2 Pins, 2 Bushings, 20 Shims) (REF4-9) $42.95
King Pin Set 111-498-021 Parts to rebuild 2 spindles (REF4-10) $23.95
King Pin Thrust Washer 111-405-486 (Does not come in above kit) (REF4-8) $2.40
Front Axle  Bearing (Inner, Roller Taper) 111-405-627 More durable (REF4-5) $7.90
Front Axle Bearing (Outer, Roller Taper) 111-405-647 More durable (REF4-1) $7.90
Front Axle Spacer 111-405-631B (REF4-7) $11.95
Front Wheel Dust Seal 111-405-641 (REF4-6) $1.60
Grease Cap (Dust Cover) 111-405-691 (REF4-13) (each) $3.50
Grease Cap (Dust Cover) Chrome DEE-6561 (REF4-13) (pair) $7.98
Axle Nut Thrust Washer 111-405-661 (REF4-3) $1.15
Stock VW Front Axle Nut, Left 111-405-671 (REF4-1) $1.75
Stock VW Front Axle Nut, Right 111-405-672 (REF4-1) $1.75
Stock VW "French" lock for axle nut. 111-405-681 (REF4-2) $0.30
Front Sway Bar SWB-58 5/8" Front sway bar with stud/nut for end play adj. $92
Front Sway Bar SWB-1116 11/16" Front sway bar with stud/nut for end play adj. $92
Front Sway Bar SWB-34 3/4" Front Sway bar with stud/nut for end play adj. $92
Front Sway Bar Spacer SWB-SPACER Aluminum Spacer for sway bar beam tube. For the beam tube that your sway bar bar is in. (2 required) $12.00
Front Beam Dust Seal 111-405-129 For spring pack beam tube (REF4a-5) For beam tube that your spring pack is in. $1.99
Front Sway Bar Shim SWB-SHIM08 .008" Shim for precise sway bar end play clearances. $2.55
Front Sway Bar Shim SWB-SHIM10 .010" Shim for precise sway bar end play clearances. $2.55
Front Sway Bar Shim SWB-SHIM15 .015" Shim for precise sway bar end play clearances. $2.55
Grub Screw 111-411-151   $2.55
Grub Screw Jam Nut 111-411-155   $1.95
Torsion Spring Pack 111-411-027 Stock Spring Pack for Link Pin Beam $61.00
Torsion Arm (Upper) (Turkey Leg) 111-405-405 Used Reconditioned.(REF4a-4) $49.95
Torsion Arm (Lower) (Turkey Leg) 111-405-151 Used Reconditioned. (REF4a-9) $49.95
Steering Box 113-415-061C New TRW Steering Box $99.50
Front Brake Drum 113-405-615A New 12.8 lbs (REF4-11) $47.95
Wheel (Slotted 4J-15) 111-601-025U These are used but straight. Will need cleanup or blasting. Limited Supplies $45
Front Brake Set 131-609-237C For Angled Slot Adjusters $24.95
Front Brake Set 113-609-237D For Straight Slot Adjusters $24.95
Front Brake Spring Kit (2 wheels) 113-698-237 Springs, pins, caps, etc. $7.95
Rear Brake Spring Kit (2 wheels) 113-698-537 Springs, pins, caps, etc. $7.95
Brake Adjuster Screws 131-609-209 Slanted $1.19
Brake Adjuster Screws   Straight    
Brake Adjuster Star Wheels 113-609-205A   $3.50
Brake Wheel Cylinder (Rear) 113-611-055   $17.55
Brake Wheel Cylinder (Front) 113-611-057   $17.95
Brake Bleeder Screw 211-611-477 Bleeder screw for Brake Slave Cylinders. Get some spares. You WILL round one off someday. $1.25
Shock, Front 113-413-031B Cofap.  Good reliable starter shock. $24.95
Shock Front 113-413-031K KYB Shock  (Better shock) (Gas Filled) $26.95


Rear Suspension / Wheel / Axle Components

Reference Drawing Here - REF5

Rear Brake Drum 113-501-615DG New 11 lbs  (REF5-8)
Rear Axle Nut (Wide Flange) 311-501-221HD Heavier than stock. Needs no washer. (REF5-9) $8.25
Rear Axle Seal Kit 111-598-051A Seal, gaskets, O-rings, shim and cotter pin. (REF5-1) $3.55
Bearing Cover Gasket 211-501-315 Two come with above kit. (REF5-2)


Rear Axle Spacer, Outer 111-501-303 (REF5-6) $15.81
Rear Brake Set 113-609-537C For Slanted Adjusters $24.95
Rear Brake Set 113-609-537B For Straight Adjusters $24.95
Axle Boot Kit (1 side) 111-598-021A Boot, screws and 2 clamps. (REF5-4) $9.59
Rear Axle (Short, For FV) 111-501-201A  (REF5-10)


Axle Tube w/Flange 111-501-105A Axle Tube, Flange and Retainer. (REF5-3)


Axle Retainer Cover Gasket 111-501-131 You will need 2 or more per side. See a VW manual or call us! (REF5-11)


Transaxle Gasket Set 111-398-005A Includes all gaskets for trans rebuild. (including 8 of 111-501-105A and the input shaft seal)


Axle Retainer Re-enforcement plate kit LAT-301145 Re-enforces the side plate to help prevent bends and leaks.


Transaxle Components

Reference Drawing Here - REF6

Gear Shift Tail Housing 113-301-205G (REF6-1) A good spare item. These are NEW, and yours is probably in bad shape. $42.95
Gasket for Tail Shaft Housing 211-301-215 (REF6-2) $0.50  
Drain / Filler Plug 111-301-127 (REF6-3) New $3.25
Packing Flower 113-301-111 (REF6-4) Maybe used, but in excellent condition. $4.95
Gasket, Gear Carrier 113-301-191 (REF6-5) $0.45
Fulcrum Plates 113-517-191 Used, but re-polished and in good condition. $7.95

Misc. Hydraulics, Throttle etc.

Girling Master Cyl. (Integral Reservoir) GIR-33103 3/4" Bore with integral Reservoir  (Interchangeable with WIL-260-1304) $79.95
Girling Master Cyl. Cap GIR-6447767 Replacement Cap for Girling Cylinders above. (New type, not stamped Aluminum.) $7.55
Wilwood Master Cyl. (Integral Reservoir) WIL-260-1304 3/4" Bore with integral Reservoir (Interchangeable with GIR-33103) $49.50
Wilwood Master Cyl. (Integral Reservoir) WIL-260-2636 5/8" Bore with Integral Reservoir (Interchangeable with GIR-33101) $49.50
Wilwood Master Cyl. (External Resevoir, not included) WIL-260-6089 3/4" (.750) Bore with non-integral Resevoir $49.95
Wilwood Master Cyl. (Requires External Reservoir) WIL-260-6087 5/8" Bore  (For separate reservoir) $49.95
Wilwood Master Cyl. (Requires External Reservoir) WIL-260-6088 .70" Bore  (For separate reservoir) $49.95
Brake Fluid Reservoir 113-611-301L Dual Supply. (Like on Protoform and others) $9.95
Clutch Slave Pulling Cylinder CNC-300B Specify Blue or Red, or you get our choice.


Brake Bias Bar kit TIL-72-250 $54.99
Remote Brake Bias Adjuster TIL-72-501 Remote Adjuster for above unit. $59
Shift Adapter (Citation like, 5/8") CIT-119 Like used on most Vee's (for hockey stick and 5/8" Shift rod) $19.95
Throttle Cable RCS-TCABLE Not VW. This is for your own custom cable. .0625" (Order in quantity of feet) .90 / ft
Throttle Cable Shief RCS-TSHIEF Not VW. This is for your own custom cable. Vinyl covered steel with teflon inner. .0625" ID  (Order in quantity of feet) 1.25 / ft
Throttle Cable Barrel Lock Stop RCS-TBARREL Barrel that fits into carb throttle arm with screw for locking cable. $1.25
Accusump Oiling System (1 Quart) CAN-24-046 The 1 Quart Accusump is ideal for surge control on motorcycle and small bore engines or pre-oiling on all engines. Itís small size requires minimal space for mounting Has a 12" long and 3-1/4" dia. body. $155.95

Accusump Manual Valve CAN-24-260 Manual Accusump Ball Valve with female 1/2" N.P.T. ends. Comes with 1/2" N.P.T pipe nipple for installation to the Accusump. $13.95
Accusump Electric Valve CAN-24-270 Electric Accusump Valve kit provides a convenient way of operating the Accusump. They are useful when the accumulator is mounted in a hard to access location. When wired directly into the ignition switch the Accusump can be operated automatically to provide pre-oiling. The kit comes with the electric valve which has 1/2" N.P.T. female threads, a 1/2" N.P.T. pipe nipple, a toggle switch, a length of wire, terminals and installation instructions. Recommended for use in street and pre-oiling applications only. $96.99


Fiberglass Components

Citation Nose (Picture 2) CIT-NOSE White Gel Coat. Great Price ! $150

Citation Upper Rear Cowl (2) (3)

CIT-UP-REAR White Gel Coat (No Kevlar Installed) $225
Citation Left Side Pod CIT-L-SIDE White Gel Coat (Long Pod) (No Kevlar Installed) $135
Citation Right Side Pod CIT-R-SIDE White Gel Coat (Long Pod) (No Kevlar Installed) $135
Citation Front Upper Cowl CIT-U-FRONT White Gel Coat (No Kevlar Installed) $195
Citation Seat (2 Piece) CIT-SEAT White Gel Coat $179
Full Citation Set as above CIT-FIB-SET Call about multiple piece prices. Call  

** Shipping on large body pieces is sometimes problematic. Please call about shipping options. **

VW Tools
(*See other Tools in Tools)


RCS Part #



Clutch Alignment Tool LAT-000143 Perfect alignment of the clutch makes for easier engine installation. $2.25
Valve Spring Compressor Bench Tool VTL-AC000129 Required if your doing your own heads. $33.95
Flywheel Lock (6V/12V) VTL-7015 Simple lock for your 6V or 12V flywheel for removing, tightening the flywheel, pulley etc. $7.75
VW Case Splitter Tool LAT-000121 Makes easy work of splitting  your case, without damage. $7.50
36mm Breaker Bar Tool VTL-7023 For tough 36mm nuts. Use with breaker or hammer. $11.95
36mm 1/2" Drive Socket LAT-000141 Not available at Sears, Wal-Mart etc. Get one here. $6.95
Wheel/Gland Nut Assist Tool LAT-000145 Great Tool for holding the wheel or flywheel for nut removal. Bolts to Wheel or Flywheel to hold while torqueing or loosening.  $17.95
Transaxle Plug remover tool LAT-000134 Easy transaxle drain/fill plug tool $4.99
Crankshaft Gear Puller LAT-000132 Remove the gears the easy way. Don't pound them off and mar them. $34.95
Front Pulley Remover LAT-000122 Adjustable to multiple sizes. Easy way to remove your pulley. $9.95
Oil Piston Puller. LAT-000117 Easy removal of a stuck oil bypass or relief piston. $9.95
Distributor Drive Gear Puller LAT-000115 Remove your distributor drive gear easily without tearing the engine down. Easy adjustment to proper timing specs. $10.59
Engine Flywheel Seal Installer Tool LAT-000118 Simple easy way to insure a straight Seal installation $3.99
Crank Dowel Drill Jig LAT-000120 Drill your crank precisely with 8 Dowel holes. (Or repair a 4 hole crank) With instructions. $19.95
Lifter Keepers LAT-000113 Lifter Holder Spring Set (2) Holds your lifters in the case while installing case halves. $3.99