FV & First Engine Rebuilds


So what do you get with an SR Rebuild or new engine and how much does it cost?

Cost for a full rebuild of an existing running FV (or First) engine runs about $950 (gaskets, seals, and bearings included).  You are called to discuss any significant changes to this estimate.
Call re: other V8's, Miatas, etc.

This includes the following:

In regards to shipping, we have an account with Fed Ex Freight can be used by you to ship inbound and outbound. Our rates are often 1/2 what you might be paying now. This also allows you to bill freight collect and this can be applied to your invoice. Contact us in advance for info, to get the proper shipping rates..

If you prefer, you can deliver it yourself. It's a beautiful trip. We sit in the middle of Kentucky Bluegrass / Thoroughbred horse country   

Please call if you have any questions.

866-521-4007 (toll free)