Formula First Parts


Front Beam / Wheel /Suspension Components
Reference Drawing Here - REF1

(*Many FST Parts and FV Parts (and tools) are interchangeable, so check the FV Parts pages if you don't see it here.) Especially the Tool Items that are at the bottom of this link.

We have ALL the parts required for your FST or Engine.  If they are not listed here call us. 859-252-2496.


Ball Joint beam bare.   Beam only with bushings.


Beam / Shock Mount Kit   Consists of the 6 items shown here. Cutting and welding required. You cut off you shock towers and weld these in place. Allows for flexibility of the type/size of shock you want to use. Laser cut, un-painted. $35.99
Spindle, Right 113-405-312 Bare Spindle assm. (for disc brakes w/ Ball Joint beam) $71
Spindle, Left 113-405-311 Bare Spindle assm. (for disc brakes w/ Ball Joint Beam $71
Ball Joint, Upper 131-405-361FIT (REF1-4) $11.25
Ball Joint, Lower 131-405-371FIT (REF-7) $11.25
Camber Adjusters   Allows for more wider camber/caster adjustments


Ride Height Adjuster (Ball Joint Beam)   For Adjusting ride height. Must be welded in. $10.99
Sway Bar (Ball Joint Beam) SWB-5/8-BJ 5/8 Sway bar with stud. (This is what we have all been using, but if you want to try stiffer, we can have them made up.) (REF1-5)


Spring Pack (Stock VW)   (REF1-14)    
Dust Seal, Beam Upper   Only used on the beam tube(s) that you have a spring pack in. (REF1-2U). Not for use on a beam tube that has the sway bar in it. $1.50
Dust Seal, Beam Lower   Only used on the beam tube(s) that you have a spring pack in.(REF1-2L) Not for use on a beam tube that has the sway bar in it. $1.50
Steering Joint Coupler   For 5/8" Shaft. $19.65
Brake Caliper   For Rear or Front. You should have a spare. Comes with pads.


Brake Pads   Order a spare set for the trailer. (Set for 2 wheels)


Wheel Bearing, Inner   (REF1-11) $5.29
Wheel Bearing, Outer   (REF1-10) $4.50
Thrust Washer   (REF1-9) $0.60
Axle Clamp Nut, Right   (REF1-8) $7.50
Axle Clamp Nut, Left   (REF1-8) $7.50
Dust Seal, Rotor   (REF1-12) $1.60
Rotor, Front (Undrilled, No studs)   (REF1-13) $47.79
Rotor, Front (Drilled for 4 x 4")   (Comes with studs 1/2-20) (REF1-13) $71.00
1600 Cylinder Head Tin (both sides)   Stock 1600 Tin. The above BRD Scoops use these also.


Formula First Spec Tire (Front)   See Tires. 20.0 x 6.0-13 R60    (Don't forget Rains too)    
Formula First Spec Tire (Rear)   See Tires  22.5 x 7.2-13 R60    

Rear Wheel/Suspension Components

Rear Caliper Mounting Bracket

Mounts to axle housing and Caliper Bolts to it.


Rotor, Rear (Drilled for 4 x 4")

(Comes with studs). Lathe turned for short FST Axles. Call for other applications or Drill Patterns



FST Unique Engine Parts
See FV Parts for other universal 1200/1600 engine parts.

W-110 Cam

  Comes without gear $61.00
Cam Gear   Standard Cam gear for above.


Restrictor Plate   Required for FST rules. This is our cost from the manufacturer.


SuperTrapp Muffler SUP-344-2005 Waterford racers or just having problems making sound limits?
No HP loss on the dyno and tunable for sound.
CB Performace Dry Sump Oil Pump   2 Stage Dry Sump Oil Pump (Fittings required 16mm). (See Below) $112.95
Fittings for Dry Sump Pump   Set of two 16mm fittings with -8 AN input/output with copper seals. $34
Dry Sump Tank Oil Pre-Heater PTR-08-0301 300 Watt 120V. Pre-heater. Raises temps from ambient to 160 or so in just a few minutes. Big HP gains in the early laps.  Simple install. RTV to your tank and plug it in to your generator 15 minutes prior to the session.   $82.95
Cylinder and Piston Set VOA-311-198-069 w / Stock rings, pins.


Total Seal Ring set. TOT-M1786 Top Gapless, 2nd and Oil rings low tension $219
Stock Head. FST Legal VOA-043-101-355 Stock. I.E. Not cc'ed or optimum valve cut. No valves, springs, etc.) (AutoLinea) $195
Valve, Intake 35.5MM   Stainless, P.E.P $9.49
Valve Exhaust 32MM   Stainless, Manley $19.95
Valve Spring   H.D. Valve Spring $3.85
Push Rod set DEE-4054 BugPack Aluminum Pushrod set. (Must be cut to length) $55.60
Chromoly Retainer VOA-AC109463 Mandatory for engines running above 5000RPM with HD springs $4.99
Titanium Retainer DEE-4052 Overkill? Almost half the weight of a Chromoly! (Not FST Legal) $15.29
Upper Cylinder Head Tin Set   New Stock Cylinder head tin set for cooling. $21.95
Intake Manifold Center Section VOA-113-129-701 New Style Center Section. Cast down tube. $49.95
Intake Manifold End Piece Set AC129360 Set of left and right side.


Intake Boot AC129920B  


Intake Boot Clamp        
Bocar Stock 34PICT Carb   New Bocar Carb. Required for FST current rules. $205
Electric Fuel Pump. FST Legal   Faccet  FEP42SV $42.95
Crankshaft. Cast Counterweighted    


SCAT Crankshaft. Forged Counterweighted SCA-101372-1  


I-Beam Rod Set (Import) AC105150   $119.95
H-Beam Rod Set (Import) AC105150H   $229
SCAT Rod Set ( I Beam) SCA-ICR5394-3 Will be within a gram or 2 balance and much stronger and better fitting.


SCAT Rod Set (H Beam) SCA-102502-3 Close enough right out of the box, but check. We take them to within .2 gr.


Push Rod 1600 311-109-301 Aluminum VOA. Stock $2.95
Chromoloy Push Rod Set of 8.     $49.95
Push Rod Tube 1600 311-109-335  


Clutch Disk 200mm 1600 311-141-031  


Pressure Plate 200mm 1600 311-141-025  


Flywheel. Lightened (~12.4 lbs) (Import) AC105780 8 Dowel pins.


Flywheel Lightend (~12.4) (Import Cromoly) AC105790 8 Dowel Pins $99.95
SCAT Flywheel, Chromoly (~12.4 lbs) SCA-6000 8 Dowel pins $119.95
Bosch Starter Motor   For 12V Flywheel $138.75
Hi Torque Starter HIT-101 For 12V Flywheel. No trans bearing needed. (~9LBS) $179