Chassis Dyno Services

(We also have an engine dyno with much more info available)

If you are serious about racing in any venue, you need to know how much HP you are putting to the ground. Our new SF-840 can do this for you.

It can be as simple as making a couple runs and seeing what you have now with HP or Torque curves over the entire RPM range. We can compare it to dozens of other cars that we have in our files. Or, we can take Lamda measurements, Mass air flow (CFM), lbs per hour of fuel use, BSFC calcs, determine your exact final drive ratios, calculate precise optimum shift points and more. We can do your jetting using many of the above inputs and make before and after runs, to see exactly what you have gained.

Try both of your carbs or manifolds back to back, test different fuels, or just about anything else you can think of.

Don't attend anymore races until you test and tune on the dyno.

Some samples of runs that can be done with automated programming steps on the SF-840:

Inertia runs (2 back to back)  $60 for a Vee,  FF, etc.   ($75 for most other cars). (1000Hp/200mph)  Printed output plots provided.

Comparison runs with additional data collected, (Lamda, Air-Flow, fuel flow, etc) $125 / hour.  (Most everything can be hooked up in 15 minutes and a typical run takes 20 seconds to a minute. So you can do lots of comparisons in an hour. 

We can also tune your TEC-3, Holley Commander, Tweecer, ECM (HP_Tuner) etc, Engine Management box while on the dyno. Know EXACTLY what your timing, a/f mixture and HP range is.

Other pricing available depending upon what you want to do.

Call us. It's much cheaper than a weekend of racing and you walk away with more data that you can get all season.

We are located in Lexington KY about 75 miles south of Cincinnati Ohio in beautiful thoroughbred country. Easy access to major highways. 

By appointment only.

See an Inertia Vee run here.
(1.4 Meg download)

Typical FV HP Graph
Typical CFF HP Graph
Typical Street Car Graph (Late Model Camaro)

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