SR Cobra Replica


    Long story. Originally a "West Coast Cobra" kit car that I purchased from them in ~1980.  I assembled it for the next couple years in my spare time.

    I built a 429 (.30 over) with about 400hp for it with a "top loader" 4 speed. Ran great.     

     Had it in running order about 95% complete when a runaway truck came down my driveway and totaled my wife's new GrandAm and then pushed it through the garage door into my Cobra. (Then into the garage wall and almost family room.) 

    Repaired it all over the next year or so and then when I went to start it it appeared to have a bad head gasket.  I then got distracted with lots of other projects and it sat for the next 20 years in the garage .  Never started, never washed, never sat in. Then this winter, I got interested again. Filled the tires with air, removed the dead mice and trailer'ed it over to the shop.  Pulled the engine and cleaned things up. Going to add a few more HP and stuff to it.

Still deciding on the final configuration. So check back here, where we will update periodically. Plan is for a Early/Late spring completion.